MAD LiBBY™ is not only a rock and roll band, but also a self defense weapon that you carry as a key chain.  They are made of steel yet lightweight and strong, which is exactly what you need should you ever have to use this device.

Use for self defense purposes only! The unique cat like keychain packs a sharp punch! The eyes of the cat become finger holes and the ears become spikes when clutched in your hand to create an excellent means of surprise-defense against an attacker. The finished stainless aluminum charm includes a stainless ring and clasp for attaching keys. This keychain looks non-threatening, is easy to carry, and will provide you with peace of mind!

• Thin and lightweight security keychain
• Sharp ears can be used as a self defense tool
• Two-ring design allows you to wear it
• Solid metal construction

Size 3.14 X 1.96 inch. Weight: 1.5 oz.
These are smaller than other cat like knuckle keychains made of plastic. These are just about 3 fingers wide.

Can be used for punching, slashing and tearing.  Saves your hand from injury while wreaking havoc on the assailant.  So cute, all your friends will want the MAD LiBBY™ Keychain for their keys & self defense.
DISCLAIMER: This device is intended for self defense only. MAD LiBBY™ is not responsible for injuries caused by its use.​​

What is a Mad Libby™?


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